Knowledge and Work


Knowledge and Work is a photobook we designed for The Modernist and photographer Bill Ayres. The publication revolves around the University of Manchester’s U.M.I.S.T campus; containing photographs of the buildings and a small spiel by Eddy Rhead of The Modernist.

The name Knowledge and Work takes influence from the University’s motto; Cognitio, Sapientia, Humanitas — Knowledge, Wisdom, Humanity. The classic serif typeface Garamond was used in a contemporary way, reflecting both the world of strict academia and the modernist architecture.

A coding system was used to identify the different buildings, abbreviating their names in the style of a periodic table. An index page at the back of the publication not only explains that Re means Renold Building, or that Mw means Mancunian way, but shows the geographical relationship between each building.

The small photobook was printed onto Munken Polar Smooth, which was kindly provided by G.F Smith.